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More Than A Memory-Ch21

Chapter 21:

As we were walking into the grocery store I grabbed his arm, “Sid you’re going to get mobbed.” “No I’m not” he said grabbing a cart and pushing it through the large sliding doors. “You just won the cup, and now your grocery shopping. I think you’re going to get mobbed.” He shook his head and pushed me gently forward. We walked passed a few people and he pulled his hat down a little more, “What kind do you want?” he asked motioning to what seemed like an endless display of fruits and vegetables. I got the staples, including blueberries which he fake gagged at as I put them in the cart. I stuck my tongue out at him and pushed the cart forward. Of course they have pastries all over the place, and every one that we came to I almost have to pry it out of his hands. “I don’t have to eat healthy anymore!” “So what? I know you aren’t going to do shit but ride your Jet Ski and watch TV all summer. You have to keep an eye on this” I said patting his stomach and picking up 2 all natural organic whole wheat loaves of bread. He exhaled, “Your right about the not doing shit part.” I laughed and laced my arm with his as we weaved in and out of the aisles.

We approached the ice cream section and Sidney suddenly stiffened. The cart jerked and he coughed then he proceeded forward. “What?” I asked, figuring he was avoiding one of his cravings. “Nothing” he said a little too quickly. All of a sudden I heard a high pitched voice behind us. “Siddy? Is that you? Oh my gosh it is you! I had like no idea you would be up here this time of year! What are you doing back so soon? Shouldn’t you be celebrating?” He stood there with a fake smile plastered on his face. “Hayley, um, hi” he said as I turned around. I was met with the face of a tall blonde, fake tanned and boobs done, looking like an idiot wearing a shirt about 4 sizes too small and shorts the same, with Ugg boots in the 90 degree weather. She looked down at me briefly and then back to him. “So what’s up?” she asked switching her basket on her arms and flipping her hair over her orange shoulder. “Nothing just you know, shopping.” He pointed to the cart and she threw her head back laughing. “What a coincidence, me too!” she joked. “That’s usually what people do at a grocery store” I muttered. She now turned her attention to me. “So, who is this?” she said in a fake friendly tone. “This is my girlfriend Peyton Brooks. And Peyton this is my uh, ex girlfriend Hayley.” I wasn’t surprised, of course he found other girls, but ones like this I didn’t expect. “Yeah so what are you doing up here anyway? I mean New York is pretty nice right now” he said, now not being so friendly. “Well I really liked it up here so I bought an apartment for the summer and stuff…” she trailed off, suddenly the conversation grew awkward. “Oh nice” he said. Her cell phone rang. “Saved by the bell” I muttered again. Sid heard this and brushed his shoulder against me. A few seconds later she closed her phone. “Sorry I have to get going, but maybe we can get together with everyone soon? It would be so much fun! And you can come too Paxton.” My mouth hung open and she gave Sid a kiss on the cheek and scurried down the aisle and out of sight.

“Don’t even say anything… Paxton” he half joked as we proceeded through the aisle. I just shook my head. “Low point” he said. For once I trusted him fully, and there was no doubt in my mind he wouldn’t have any feelings for that… thing… again, so I laughed and kissed his cheek. “Ok… Orange juice.”


Two hours later we were lying in his bed, which was damn comfortable. All the windows were open and we could hear the sounds of summer on the water echoing off the walls. He had his arms around my waist and his head on my chest. “Are you relaxed yet?” his throat vibrated against my ribs making me shiver. “We’ve only been here for a few hours.” “And are you relaxed yet.” “No. Ask me after I do nothing for a whole day.” “Done. But we kind of have one thing to do tomorrow.” “And that is?” “Dinner. With uh, my parents.” Before I could respond he kissed me softly and carefully on the lips. “I’m tired, goodnight. I love you!” I decided against asking any of my questions, because I knew he would just pretend to be asleep already and not answer them. So I snuggled against his warm body and tried to relax. But really, ex girlfriend and parents in the first two days of vacation… that’s really relaxing.

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More Than A Memory-Ch20

Sorry about the lack of updates, school is over finally, but unfortunately I still have rehearsals all of the summer. I know this one is short, and doesn't contain much of an interesting story line, but I just wanted to set up the scene for what will be happening in the next 2 weeks (story time). I'm having a writing frenzy right now so look for more tomorrow! Thanks so much for the feedback and keep it coming please!



Chapter 20:

He had won the Stanley Cup. And what a month it had been. From me jumping on him when he finally came home, then icing his knee and helping him, to watching him ride on the truck in that parade… it had been a whirlwind experience for us both. I had never been happier in my entire life.

Two weeks later I stood in our bedroom looking at my suitcase which was stuffed full of clothes for two weeks, well more than that. He had convinced me to take two weeks’ vacation and go up to Canada with him to relax, something he said that I wasn’t doing enough of. I heard his footsteps coming and I put my hand against my forehead, he had been rushing me through this whole packing process. “What’s wrong?” he asked from the doorway. “I know I’m forgetting something.” He bent down, zipped up the suitcase and picked it up, grunting while doing so. “Pey, seriously. It doesn’t feel like you forgot anything, besides don’t worry about it.” “What do you mean don’t worry about it?” “I’m saying if you forgot something we can just go buy it, no big deal.” He smiled and dragged the suitcase out of the room and down the stairs.


It was around 6 when we arrived at his house, which was bigger than the house back in Pittsburgh. Why was it so big when he only used it for a few months? “It was my first big purchase, I had to make it worthwhile” he said as he unlocked the huge mahogany door. “Wow” I said as I looked at what I saw. The foyer was large, and had a cathedral ceiling complete with chandelier. The stair case was circled along the opposite wall and led down a hallway that couldn’t be seen from the bottom. You could chose to go either to the left or right down a hallway from the foyer and I chose right. We walked along the shiny hardwoods towards the back of the house which opened up into a very large kitchen with a dining room off to the left and a very cozy looking, large, living area with a sectional couch and 2 recliners surrounding the fire place. I noticed there was no TV. “This is nice” I said running my fingers along the brown colored wall. “Want to know what’s so cool about this room?” I nodded as he picked up a remote. He smiled and pressed a button on the remote and his grin grew as we watched a flat screen TV appear out of the fireplace. “Cool eh?” I snorted at him and went to explore the rest of the house.

I went back to the foyer and took the other hallway. This hallway was smaller. I found a large office on the left complete with a very full bookshelf along the complete back wall behind the large desk. At the end of the hallway there was a large door that when I opened it there was a small landing zone with a doorway to a large bedroom off to the left and a full bathroom to the left. “Guest wing” I muttered and turned to go upstairs. The carpet of that hallway was plushy and soft, which was good to wake up to rather than the hard cold wood and tile downstairs.

There were 2 bedrooms off to the right side of the hallway, each with a window seat and a view of the water and woods. There was a shared bathroom between them, with double sinks and separate storage for each person. For a second I could picture two little girls laughing and splashing with each other as their dad gave them a bath. I caught myself by surprise and shook the images out of my head. On the other side of the hallway was another smaller bedroom with its own smaller bathroom. “How many bathrooms are there in this place?” I said aloud as I walked to the other side of the room. I smiled and nodded as I opened the double doors to a nice size closet that could easily be fitted with shelving by California. I then ventured to the end of the upstairs and walked into a room that looked like a sanctuary straight out of a magazine.

The room was huge and one wall was completely glass, with double doors leading to a balcony that overlooked a beautiful view of the water and the dock. Opposite of the glass windows was a king sized bed that was a few feet higher than normal and had four posts and a wooden canopy frame. The bedding was white and crème and fluffy. I laughed picturing Sid sleeping in the fluffy bedding by himself… and then I thought of him sharing it with someone else. For the second time in 5 minutes I shook pictures out of my head and continued on.

I met him downstairs in the kitchen; he was flipping through what seemed like a hundred pieces of mail. I sat down on a barstool, “I’m hungry.” He laughed, “Well I hope you aren’t dying of starvation.” “What?” “Go look in the fridge.” I got up and opened the door. The only things in it were a package of baking soda and the waters he brought in his suitcase. “Pantry?” I asked. He pointed towards a door and I opened it. There was some charcoal for the grill, lighter and 2 boxes of white rice. “You have got to be kidding me” I said. He smiled and grabbed his keys off the table. “Come on, let’s go to the store.”

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Than A Memory-Ch19

Chapter 19:

It was unusually warm for the beginning of May. As soon as I woke up I could feel that humid summer stickiness glazing my skin. I rolled over to see Sidney's face covered with the bright sunlight that was filling the room. I found it hard to wake him up from his content slumber, but I softly poked him in the shoulder. He stirred and I poked him again. "Sid, wake up." He groaned as he stretched out a bit, his arms curling around my waist pulling me closer to him. "5 more minutes" he said into my hair. I accepted his offer and laid there listening to his slow breathing. I looked over his shoulder at the clock and realized I had actually given him 10 minutes. I started to untwist myself from him, but he pulled against me.

"Come on, can't we just sleep for a few more hours" he whined like a child. "No." "Why not?" "Because it is 75 degrees and I don't have to work, so I have a place to be." "And where is that?" He asked, looking defeated. "Outside."

After I ate breakfast, I changed into a bright yellow shorts and a crisp white tank top. I sauntered downstairs to find Sid sitting in front of the TV, shirtless with his feet up and a glass of orange juice in his hand. "I need to borrow your car." I stated from the kitchen. He turned around and looked at me. "Where are you going?" He asked taking a sip of juice. "Home Depot." He half choked on his juice and started laughing. "What do you need to go to Home Depot for?" I frowned, "Garden supplies." His laughing stopped once he realized I didn't need any sort of tool; I didn't have a good reputation with those sorts of things.

Memory (Junior Year)-

Bang. Bang. Bang. “Ow. Shit!” Bang. Bang.

“What are you doing?” I turned around my thumb in my mouth and a hammer in my hand and saw Sidney staring at me, wide eyed, like I was a monster. “What does it look like I’m doing?” “I don’t know. That’s why I asked.” I picked up a book that was on the other side of a workstation in my dad’s garage. “How to Build a Bluebird House...” he read off the front cover a small smile creeping onto his face, “And you are doing this because?” “It’s for my ecology class. We are all taking a trip in 2 days to a nature preserve that has an over populated Bluebird population and they need more houses. So we all had to get one. I figured I would be original and organic, in a way, and make my own.” I wiped at my forehead and glanced outside at the in ground pool that was calling my name. “Oh, well that is very nice of you” he said, running his fingers across some wood.

“Ow! Pey, did you sand this?” “Why would I put sand on it, Sid?” He rolled his eyes and pulled a small piece of wood out of his finger. “You don’t put sand on it genius. You rub the wood with sandpaper to make it smooth so you don’t get splinters, like I just did.” I felt my cheeks flush and I turned away, looking at the few pieces of wood I had been putting together in no certain order with a hammer and about 50 nails. It looked nothing like the picture on the front of the book, or any other birdhouse I had ever seen for that matter.

“Do you want some help?” I turned around and nodded at him sheepishly. He smiled and came towards me, pulling on the apron I was wearing. “What is this? Iron Chef?” “I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty!” He laughed and pulled it off, “Those clothes already look dirty enough.” I looked down at my ripped jeans with fake paint splatters on them and my white t-shirt with the collar cut out. “You’re right” I said. He picked up a hair elastic off of the bench and gave it to me. I put my hair up in a sloppy ponytail as he picked up the birdhouse book and threw it in the garbage.

That day we spent 3 hours making a bluebird house, painted a crisp white with a blue roof, a heart shaped entrance/exit hole, and a golden rod to stand on in the front.

"Oh, well sure the keys are in the middle consol." "Okay." I slipped on my flip flops, grabbed my sunglasses and purse and kissed Sid on the cheek. "I'll be back, um, I don't know when. But I'll be back." I said. He smiled, “Okay, I'll be here."


"Your total comes to 758 dollars and 34 cents." I watched the older man swipe the gold card through the machine and I could hear Sidney's voice in my head. "What kind of plants did you buy that cost 700 dollars?" He would only be a little upset because he wasn't really the big yard decorator and thought the simple shrub would do. My attention snapped back to the register as he slapped the receipt that seemed to be two feet long down on the counter asking me to sign it. I signed it and thanked him, pushing the very full and heavy two carts to the car.


Two hours after I had left I backed up the driveway and shut the car off. He met me in the driveway. "So, what did you get?" He asked. "Oh, not much" I replied. He opened the back hatch and started laughing. "Not much, only a few hundred flowers." I laughed and started to take everything out and laid it out on the edge of the driveway and the grass. He followed me and asked if there was anything he could do to help this surge of exterior decorating. "Well I don’t really see you as the whole ‘gardener’ type, so…” I looked around the yard, which seemed so much larger, “Maybe cut the grass?”

“Anything for you Martha.”

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More Than A Memory-Ch18

Short again, sorry. More to come soon! I promise!

Chapter 18:

The last 4 months had been a whirlwind.

After Christmas we went to a New Year’s party at the Lemieux’s where Nathalie had a little too much wine and Sidney convinced me that we leave at 11:45 because he was “tired” when he really had a blanket and such set up outside next to the fireplace. He dragged me out into the cold and wrapped me in his arms, kissing me softly as we heard the mumbled countdown in the background, and then fireworks shooting off a few houses down.

Then there was Valentine’s Day where he felt bad because he had a game, but he treated me to a full day at the spa and dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant and ended having dessert at home…

My birthday was in March on a Sunday, he made me breakfast in bed and said he would give me whatever I wanted, which I told him was not a fair trade because he gave me what I wanted all the time anyway, he argued with me saying that today was different and when I tried to argue he kissed away my worries. That same day I went to go see my mother who was visiting, but I couldn’t find my keys and I opened the garage door to a black BMW coupe. At first I swore at him for being so bold with his purchases, but then he said he felt guilty because when he borrowed my car that he accidentally hit a fire hydrant and “scratched” the bumper. I rolled my eyes at him and he pushed me towards the car saying it as a gift and I shouldn’t complain. He still doesn’t know that I took the bill and paid half.

But in between those good times were the losing streak, and the coaching change, and the trade. During that time and on game nights I would wake up at 2 in the morning to cool sheets next to me, and I would see the light on downstairs and hear the faint sound of Steigy’s voice. I would then trek down the stairs, pry the remote out of his hands and listen to him say, “I’m not being paid to lose.” To which I would reply, “You can’t win them all.” Then he would half growl at me because he knew I was right and was too stubborn to admit it. He would lie down in bed, stiff and aggravated, until he slowly relaxed under the touch of my hands, and then would roll over and apologize by kissing me on the forehead and pulling me close.
The next morning I would wake up to go to work and he would be up already, sitting by himself at the dining room table reading the newspaper with the news on and the NHL website brought up on the laptop next to him. I would silently sigh at him while I had something quick to eat before work. He would get up to get another cup of coffee as I was leaving, and after he kissed me goodbye I would walk by the laptop and close it, shutting it off. I could feel him roll his eyes behind me, but I ignored him and walked out of the house like there wasn’t any other care in the world, than being with him.

He did eventually snap out of his “sad” period, and during those times I had never been more in love with him.

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More Than A Memory-Ch17

So so so sorry for the long wait. Here's a small update.
School ends soon, so I will hopefully be writing A LOT more !

After arguing with him that his goal was indeed illegal, we started over. Of course he got the puck passed me quickly, but I skated after him and did some fancy stick work, which was really just me moving it around quickly, and poked it away from him. I shot it down the few feet past the center line and stuck my tongue out at him as I skated after it. The strides weren't really even though, mine equaling a half of each of his, so he approached it first. I tried blocking him by standing in front of him and reaching around his sides.

"Babe, this isn't basketball" he said laughing and flipping the puck around me, sailing it right into the net. I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, but I don't know how to play defense!" I fake whined, then burst out laughing. He skated and brought the puck back on his stick, placing it between us. "Okay, then I'll teach you." He said getting closer to me. I smiled up at him as he spoke. "You have to get close to the guy, and then make it so they can't move away," he slipped one of his legs around mine and locked it tight, "then you have to block them from seeing anyone to pass to and get a good angle," he bent his head towards me and I felt his hand curl around my waist. "Then you go after your target" he said quietly, then kissing me slowly.

While he kissed me I moved my stick and inch and got the puck on the end. I caught him off guard and brushed my tongue over his bottom lip, I felt his grip loosen and right as he was about to deepen the kiss I skated away with the puck and shot it into the net. "Is that how?" I asked innocently. He shook his head, "That should be a penalty." I laughed and skated back with the puck, meeting him at center ice. We bent over to take another "face off" and he was smiling down at me. "What?" I asked. He didn't say anything but kissed the tip of my nose. "Your a very good defenseman." I laughed and he won the draw. I skated after him and threw a hip check into him to make him lose control. "Ughhh!" He pretend groaned, then hit me causing me to lose my balance and slip. His hands caught me before my feet came out from underneath me. My mouth hung open and he looked down at me, "Sorry. I didn't mean..."

I stood up and regained my balance before pushing him backwards and dropping my stick. He grinned like a cheshire cat and pushed my shoulder back after dropping his stick. I threw my gloves off and went to play hit him again, but he grabbed my fists and held them at my sides. "You really want to go?" He asked in a husky voice. "Mhm" I said getting close to his lips, "Bring it." That grin appeared again and he spun me around and we landed gently on the ice. I was laying on top of him and started hitting his chest as he laughed at me. Soon I gave up and engulfed myself in his lips.

"I think we should go inside" he mumbled onto my lips. "Why?" "I don't want to be arrested for public indecency." We both laughed and got up. I climbed on his back and he carried me back into the house. We took off the skates and he turned me around pressing me into him.

"I love you." "I love you too."

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Deeply Sorry

I am so sorry for the lack of updates on all the stories. School, dance and working have really been piling up lately. I have some more chapters already written and I will try to post them as soon as possible. I hope I haven't lost any of my dedicated readers!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Than A Memory-Ch16

Chapter 16:
I woke up to a mass of kisses on my cheeks, forehead, temples and lips. I kissed him back for a minute and then pulled away. “Merry Christmas!” we both said at the same time. “Come on! You never let me say it first!” I cried rolling over on top of him. “Sorry! Okay here, let’s redo. Ready go” he said, then shutting his mouth quickly. “Merry Christmas” I said, satisfied at my chance to say it. No matter what, every year he would always say it first, and we would argue over it all the time. “I love you” he said before kissing me. A minute later the door opened and I quickly rolled off Sid.

“Mom said it’s almost time to open presents!” it was Brenna, screaming. “Okay Brenna. Can you give us a few minutes to clean up and we will be down?” A frown appeared on her face for a millisecond and then her adorable smile returned. “Sure! I can pour you guys some juice!” she said, shutting the door with a little too much strength and yelling to her mother all the way down the stairs. We both laughed for a moment before I sat up and pulled him off the bed.

“Where are we going?” he asked. I turned around and smiled, slipped his shirt over his head and pushed him into the bathroom, shutting the door behind us.

No, we didn’t do what you think we did.


We got re-dressed and made our way downstairs to meet the wide eyes of the kids and the tired eyes of the adults. “Don’t hold back! Go ahead!” Sid said as we sat down on the floor next to the fireplace. He handed out gifts to the adults and some to the kids. We watched as their faces lit up and they laughed in pure joy.

When things settled down, I handed Sid one gift. He rolled his eyes as he pulled the paper off revealing a Sidney Crosby tree ornament. “I couldn’t resist” I laughed as he threw the paper at me. Then I handed him another box. He opened up the paper to find a few new brighter colored shirts, like red and light tan. “You have way too many dark colors” I said as he shot me a half an evil glare. “This is the real one” I said as I passed him another gift. He ripped the paper off and tilted his head as he opened a scrapbook. I had been working on it for a while, he had no idea. It had pictures and memories of us from a long time ago. There were some news articles and a whole bunch of pictures in it. I left a handful of pages blank at the end. “Why are these blank?” he asked. “Well the story isn’t over yet” I said. My favorite smile appeared as he kissed my cheek. “It’s not much, but I...” he cut me off. “It doesn’t have to be much. I love it.” He said with another big smile, and I was happy, it was genuine.

We spent the last few hours playing with the kids and their new toys and relaxing with the family. Soon we had lunch, and then they all packed up and we said our goodbyes.


We sat in our living room, looking at the giant mess that had appeared. “Funny how there has always been nothing here. And now it looks like a tornado came through” he said picking up some scrap pieces of wrapping paper. I laughed and placed some of the gifts underneath the tree.

He disappeared into the kitchen a few minutes later while I was vacuuming the rug, which somehow got crumbs and dirt all over it. I found him with his head in the fridge, eating peanut butter balls covered in chocolate, which my mother had made. “Sid! You can’t eat all of those!” I yelled prying the box out of his hand. “Stop!” I squealed as he popped yet another one in his mouth and holding the box above my head. “You know you’re going to have to skate that off and listen to your trainers complain that you are getting a little flabby” I said hitting his stomach, which was rock hard of course. He rolled his eyes and said with a mouthful, “Come on, if I eat like 15 it won’t hurt me.” I laughed again and he wrapped one arm around me and put the box above the fridge, where I couldn’t reach it. I frowned at him and he bent to kiss me. “You taste like a jar of peanut butter” I said pulling away. He ignored me and then looked at the clock. “We have somewhere to be.” “And that is?” He laughed and walked over to the back door, pulling open the curtains and vertical blinds.

“We should call it something cool, like maybe ‘The Crosby’” he said pointing to the back yard. “What are you talking about?” I asked walking over to the door. I then stopped in my tracks, and I found myself looking at a man made rink.

“How did I not notice that?!” I said in disbelief. “Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve kept all the curtains to the back of the house closed for about 3 days, and the only time you really see the back is at the kitchen sink, but you are only by there when its dark. And I had them put it in when you had to work late the other day.” “And I’m supposed to skate how?” A grin appeared on his face as he walked to the closet where he kept his bag and took out a box. “With these of course” he said holding up a pair of shiny white skates. I smiled and pulled them out of his hand. “Oh, and I got you a stick too. So you can help me practice.” I laughed and brushed passed him, heading up the stairs.

“Where are you going?” he called. “To change my pants and to get a jacket” I yelled back. I could practically feel his smile and happiness radiating from the kitchen. When I got back down to the kitchen, he was standing there, already in his skates and a jacket. He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down. I put on the right one first and started to tie it, but I was stopped immediately. “That isn’t how you do it” he said. I just laughed at him and let him do it.

A few minutes later he was pulling me across the yard full of snow. He took a puck out of his pocket and put it down at ‘center ice’. “First to three wins” he said before flipping the puck passed me and skating to the goal. “Cheater!” I yelled. “You’re right, that was a cheap shot. But a goal is a goal.”

I tapped his skated with my stick, “Prepare to lose.”