Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Than A Memory-Ch18

Short again, sorry. More to come soon! I promise!

Chapter 18:

The last 4 months had been a whirlwind.

After Christmas we went to a New Year’s party at the Lemieux’s where Nathalie had a little too much wine and Sidney convinced me that we leave at 11:45 because he was “tired” when he really had a blanket and such set up outside next to the fireplace. He dragged me out into the cold and wrapped me in his arms, kissing me softly as we heard the mumbled countdown in the background, and then fireworks shooting off a few houses down.

Then there was Valentine’s Day where he felt bad because he had a game, but he treated me to a full day at the spa and dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant and ended having dessert at home…

My birthday was in March on a Sunday, he made me breakfast in bed and said he would give me whatever I wanted, which I told him was not a fair trade because he gave me what I wanted all the time anyway, he argued with me saying that today was different and when I tried to argue he kissed away my worries. That same day I went to go see my mother who was visiting, but I couldn’t find my keys and I opened the garage door to a black BMW coupe. At first I swore at him for being so bold with his purchases, but then he said he felt guilty because when he borrowed my car that he accidentally hit a fire hydrant and “scratched” the bumper. I rolled my eyes at him and he pushed me towards the car saying it as a gift and I shouldn’t complain. He still doesn’t know that I took the bill and paid half.

But in between those good times were the losing streak, and the coaching change, and the trade. During that time and on game nights I would wake up at 2 in the morning to cool sheets next to me, and I would see the light on downstairs and hear the faint sound of Steigy’s voice. I would then trek down the stairs, pry the remote out of his hands and listen to him say, “I’m not being paid to lose.” To which I would reply, “You can’t win them all.” Then he would half growl at me because he knew I was right and was too stubborn to admit it. He would lie down in bed, stiff and aggravated, until he slowly relaxed under the touch of my hands, and then would roll over and apologize by kissing me on the forehead and pulling me close.
The next morning I would wake up to go to work and he would be up already, sitting by himself at the dining room table reading the newspaper with the news on and the NHL website brought up on the laptop next to him. I would silently sigh at him while I had something quick to eat before work. He would get up to get another cup of coffee as I was leaving, and after he kissed me goodbye I would walk by the laptop and close it, shutting it off. I could feel him roll his eyes behind me, but I ignored him and walked out of the house like there wasn’t any other care in the world, than being with him.

He did eventually snap out of his “sad” period, and during those times I had never been more in love with him.


Molly said...

yayy an update!!
aw, it's so sad to see sid sad!
but before his sad period, he was adorable, treating her to all of those amazing things!
i think it's good to see him have a down period; it just shows that he's not perfect all the time, and he has his flaws, which i like, and i can see why she loved him even more =]

Caitlin said...

update please. i love it!