Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Than A Memory-Ch20

Sorry about the lack of updates, school is over finally, but unfortunately I still have rehearsals all of the summer. I know this one is short, and doesn't contain much of an interesting story line, but I just wanted to set up the scene for what will be happening in the next 2 weeks (story time). I'm having a writing frenzy right now so look for more tomorrow! Thanks so much for the feedback and keep it coming please!



Chapter 20:

He had won the Stanley Cup. And what a month it had been. From me jumping on him when he finally came home, then icing his knee and helping him, to watching him ride on the truck in that parade… it had been a whirlwind experience for us both. I had never been happier in my entire life.

Two weeks later I stood in our bedroom looking at my suitcase which was stuffed full of clothes for two weeks, well more than that. He had convinced me to take two weeks’ vacation and go up to Canada with him to relax, something he said that I wasn’t doing enough of. I heard his footsteps coming and I put my hand against my forehead, he had been rushing me through this whole packing process. “What’s wrong?” he asked from the doorway. “I know I’m forgetting something.” He bent down, zipped up the suitcase and picked it up, grunting while doing so. “Pey, seriously. It doesn’t feel like you forgot anything, besides don’t worry about it.” “What do you mean don’t worry about it?” “I’m saying if you forgot something we can just go buy it, no big deal.” He smiled and dragged the suitcase out of the room and down the stairs.


It was around 6 when we arrived at his house, which was bigger than the house back in Pittsburgh. Why was it so big when he only used it for a few months? “It was my first big purchase, I had to make it worthwhile” he said as he unlocked the huge mahogany door. “Wow” I said as I looked at what I saw. The foyer was large, and had a cathedral ceiling complete with chandelier. The stair case was circled along the opposite wall and led down a hallway that couldn’t be seen from the bottom. You could chose to go either to the left or right down a hallway from the foyer and I chose right. We walked along the shiny hardwoods towards the back of the house which opened up into a very large kitchen with a dining room off to the left and a very cozy looking, large, living area with a sectional couch and 2 recliners surrounding the fire place. I noticed there was no TV. “This is nice” I said running my fingers along the brown colored wall. “Want to know what’s so cool about this room?” I nodded as he picked up a remote. He smiled and pressed a button on the remote and his grin grew as we watched a flat screen TV appear out of the fireplace. “Cool eh?” I snorted at him and went to explore the rest of the house.

I went back to the foyer and took the other hallway. This hallway was smaller. I found a large office on the left complete with a very full bookshelf along the complete back wall behind the large desk. At the end of the hallway there was a large door that when I opened it there was a small landing zone with a doorway to a large bedroom off to the left and a full bathroom to the left. “Guest wing” I muttered and turned to go upstairs. The carpet of that hallway was plushy and soft, which was good to wake up to rather than the hard cold wood and tile downstairs.

There were 2 bedrooms off to the right side of the hallway, each with a window seat and a view of the water and woods. There was a shared bathroom between them, with double sinks and separate storage for each person. For a second I could picture two little girls laughing and splashing with each other as their dad gave them a bath. I caught myself by surprise and shook the images out of my head. On the other side of the hallway was another smaller bedroom with its own smaller bathroom. “How many bathrooms are there in this place?” I said aloud as I walked to the other side of the room. I smiled and nodded as I opened the double doors to a nice size closet that could easily be fitted with shelving by California. I then ventured to the end of the upstairs and walked into a room that looked like a sanctuary straight out of a magazine.

The room was huge and one wall was completely glass, with double doors leading to a balcony that overlooked a beautiful view of the water and the dock. Opposite of the glass windows was a king sized bed that was a few feet higher than normal and had four posts and a wooden canopy frame. The bedding was white and crème and fluffy. I laughed picturing Sid sleeping in the fluffy bedding by himself… and then I thought of him sharing it with someone else. For the second time in 5 minutes I shook pictures out of my head and continued on.

I met him downstairs in the kitchen; he was flipping through what seemed like a hundred pieces of mail. I sat down on a barstool, “I’m hungry.” He laughed, “Well I hope you aren’t dying of starvation.” “What?” “Go look in the fridge.” I got up and opened the door. The only things in it were a package of baking soda and the waters he brought in his suitcase. “Pantry?” I asked. He pointed towards a door and I opened it. There was some charcoal for the grill, lighter and 2 boxes of white rice. “You have got to be kidding me” I said. He smiled and grabbed his keys off the table. “Come on, let’s go to the store.”

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